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Red Original Microfibre Towel in packaging
 girl showing full size beach Red Original Microfibre Towel
Red original Quick Dry Microfibre Towel on white background
Quick Dry Microfibre Towel on white background
Red Original Microfibre Towel being packed
heat embossed logo on Red Original Microfibre Towel
Red Original Microfibre Towel rolled up ready to be used
woman drying herself on a beach with Red Original Microfibre Towel
woman drying herself in outdoor shower with Red Original Microfibre Towel
man wiping sweat away with Red Original Microfibre Towel after HIIT session

Quick Dry Microfibre Towel

Regular price £24.95

The Perfect Travel Towel For Adventurers

It may pack down small but it's packed full of features. Designed for anyone who loves the water, this large beach size, ultra compact premium microfibre towel will get you dry in an instant and can be taken anywhere. One size fits all!

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Compact, Lightweight And Super Absorbent, The Towel That Packs A Punch

Soft microfibre fabric absorbs 4 times its weight in water but dries much faster than a standard beach towel, whilst anti-bacterial properties will keep your towel fresh. 

Big enough to comfortably fit around you but only half the weight of a normal towel, it packs small with an integrated strap and hanging loop, so is easy to take with you as you Explore Your World. Perfect for SUP adventures, the gym, a day at the beach or your next trip away.

80cm x 150cm (31 x 59 inches)

Red Original Microfibre Towel ready to be packed
Red Original Microfibre Towel being packed into a deck bag
couple paddle boarding with deck bags
couple exploring the coastline
man drying himself on the beach with Red Original Microfibre Towel

Tech Specs

  1. Ultra Absorbent: absorbs 4 times its weight in water
  2. Large Beach size: big enough to wrap around you (80cm x 150cm) 
  3. Anti-Odor: Stops it from smelling when wet
  4. Anti-Bacterial: Keeps your towel fresher for longer
  5. Lightweight: Great when space is at a premium and reducing load 
  6. Super soft: No sticking to your skin like with other microfibre towels
  7. Easy pack strap: Either hang it up to dry or keep it rolled up tight 

5.00 Average

10 Reviews


If you want to optimize space in your deck bag, then this is a must. Efficient and handy.

Mario D



I have very long and thick hair and this towel works better at drying my hair than any other I have tried

Alem A

I ordered a microfiber towel from Red Original as I have long hair and it usually takes forever to dry. It did such an impressive job that I told my girlfriend, who has hair that's as thick as mine and a little longer. My towel has since gone missing and she has a new one just like it. Needless to say, a new one for me is in the mail.

Jochen R

Very good product.

chris w

Very well made and useful bit of kit

Gaynor H

This is a towel you can keep in your SUP bag and it takes up so little space you can forget its there sometimes Ok it doesn't have the fluffy towel feel but my goodness does it do it's job and dry you quickly and easily Would be great not only for water sports but any gym bag should have one As an added extra I keep it in my campervan now. Less space than the normal towel

Thanks for the great review Gaynor!

Helen S

Used this for the first time after a gym session yesterday. Wrapped it around and thought 'well this isn't going to do much' as it just felt like a really soft piece of material. But then realised I was dry!! Definitely going in the bag for every gym session, camping weekend, beach trip..... Also a great full bath towel size. Impressed!

John D

I've had a bunch of these type of towels over the years. Most just kind of moved he water around your body rather than drying you and were always just that little bit too small. This one on the other hand is brilliant. Dries you fast and dries ready for the next use fast as well. Love it. The order also arrived super fast. Brilliant service. Thank you.

Jim L

I have used the new towel over the last week and think it is a 5 star product! It is very absorbant for drying & then it dries out very quickly. The folding and rolling up for storage is genius, I have other brands that come with pouches & I can never get them to fit correctly. The only thing to be aware of is when the strap is used as a hook to hang the towel up the bottom end drags on the floor unless the hook is situated very high up, I had to use the red tag on the other end of the towel as another hook to keep it off the floor. All in all a very nice piece of kit, it already feels like a mainstay of my "adventure" kit!

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