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Red Original deck bag on a beach with water bottles in the pockets
Red Original deck bag on white background
Red Original deck bag on a SUP with a water bottle in the side pocket
woman carrying Red Original deck bag in her hand
couple paddle boarding with Red Original deck bags on their SUPs
accessing the contents of the Red Original deck bag whilst on the water
woman putting clothes into a Red Original deck bag
putting suncream into the top of the Red Original deck bag
woman packing water bottle into the side of the Red Original deck bag
Closing the Red Original deck bag whilst on the water
Red Original deck bags being carried by a couple

Deck Bag

Regular price £114.95

The 100% Dry, Easy Access, Durable Deckbag

Take your gear onto the water without the fear of getting anything wet, no matter what you throw at it. Fitting seamlessly onto your board and packed full of features, this dry bag will enable you to make every paddle an adventure.

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Designed With Adventures On The Water In Mind, This Deck Bag Is Built To Last

Fed up with flimsy ‘dry bags’ which are tricky to get in to, don’t sit securely on your board, and don’t actually keep things dry? We have designed our Waterproof Deckbag to make adventures on the water effortless. Its 22 litres capacity means you can take a whole range of gear with you which can be easily accessed on land or on the water. 

Made from 100% waterproof TPU fabric and featuring a YKK aquaseal zip, your contents will always stay dry even if submersed, meaning you can take your car keys and other valuables with you without the fear of anything getting damaged. 

External pockets for up to two of our insulated drinks bottles and our unique luggage tensioning system means the deck bag is the perfect partner for any of your adventures.

Now also includes a shoulder strap for carrying with ease.

Click here to download the Deck Bag User Guide

Woman packing the Red Original deck bag
tightening the luggage tensioning system on the deck bag to a sup
man accessing the contents of the Red Original deck bag whilst on the water
couple out on a paddle boarding adventure with Red Original deck bags on their sups
woman loading Red Original deck bags into car after paddle boarding

Tech Specs

  1. Armour Tech: Tough but tactile premium high density waterproof TPU fabric provides the optimum in durability.
  2. Luggage Tensioning System: With rotary spring hooks and 4mm para cord for added strength and security
  3. YKK aquaseal 5mm zip: The best totally waterproof zip you can get, our premium YKK AquaSeal zip won’t corrode or fail. Tested to 0.3 millibar and guaranteed to 0.05 millibar.
  4. Welded Seams: Prevent water from entering the deck bag keeping the contents safe. 
  5. Internal removable skeleton: Creates streamline form and provides shape to the bag
  6. Drinks bottle holders: On the outside of the bag for easy access and compatable with Red Original Insulated Drinks bottles with drawstring closure to keep secure 
  7. Ergonomic top access: Provides easy access to the contents whilst on the water. 
  8. Reinforced neoprene handle: Carry heavy loads in comfort.
  9. Premium high density TPU fabric: 100% waterproof and super tough provides the optimum in durability
  10. Wave webbing: Allows multiple attachments to the bag
  11. 22 Litre Size: L:450mm W:350mm H:200mm

4.91 Average

34 Reviews

Daniel C

To be honest was a little apprehensive about spending £115 on what my wife said “it’s just a bag” in that way we know she doesn’t approve but I’m glad I did. Had it out on the board and down the river at the weekend and loved it. Plenty room for my kit, quick access to my Red drinks bottle at the side, easy access to my kit without having to roll up a dry bag and no issues with water ingress. Highly recommend

Donnie M

John M

Looks, feels and functions great!

Mark L

Love the Deck Bag, it is invaluable and so easy to use! I had several roll top bags but this one replaces them all! Worth every penny!

Robin K


Claude R

I absolutely love my red original Deck Bag. So much that I am saving money to purchase a second one for my wife's Red 11'3 Sport board. I use it on my 13'2 Voyager. We can go for hours on the lake and focus on having fun and exploring since we can bring our bottles of water, snacks, towels, cameras, and more accessories. We have our cell phones in the Red waterproof cases that came with our boards clipped onto the bag, and a waterproof bluetooth speaker to listen to music. I love how you just open it in front of you and reach for your stuff easily This bag is so much fun and convenient it's worth every penny. Highly recommended!

Craig A

Susan J

Flavio M


This dry deck bag is the best bag ever!!!! It is completely waterproof and the perfect size! I love it!


Michael H

Great bag, fits right in the bow of my kayak and the insert keeps the bag open when filling it. Black isn't the ultimate color for the Arizona sun so I cover mine with a towel.

Joseph L


This company is the best. I lost the plastic stiffener from my deck bag somehow so i emailed to see if they had spares. They got back to me that day and by the following day they'd posted me a new one for free. It's probably the best customer service i've ever had.

Hi Kate, as always happy to help. Thanks for the review.

Gaynor H

Having used the traditional roll down top dry bags this completely revolutionises your paddling experience Simple to attach to the board ( four anchor points with tension adjusters) so no fighting with the cargo rope. Rigid with two pockets either side for water bottles and a top pocket ( although not waterproof ) is great for sun glasses etc Totally waterproof due to the aqua zip so clothes shoes iPad stays dry despite capsizing or the board turning over. The bag actually does float If you're looking for a good deck bag go no further than this.

Christian Z

Bag arrived two days after I ordered the same online. This deckbag is of great quality and will keep all your things dry even when fully wet. Once you attach it to the board and secure, it will not slid or move when carrying your board to the water. It is very light and big enough to carry all your things for that long trip!


Ordered mine one afternoon after considering for weeks, (it's not an overly cheap purchase!). Arrived next day. Fast forward a week to our 3 week french paddling hols, where, at one of our secluded lakeside sites, we were down to 1 bottle of wine and very limited food. A 60 minute, mountainous return journey, to the village in 38 degrees, or a 5 minute paddle across the bay? This bag made the latter option soooo easy! Less than a minute to attach, paddled, detached in seconds, carred bag to shop, filled with bottles of wine, chocolate and sausages, reattached and paddled back. Everything bone dry, plenty of room, sat beautifully and securely on the board. Fantastic bit of kit, opens at the front so you can reach into the bag and plenty of attachment points for other kit. Great buy !!!

Leigh T

A tough and durable bag! As mentioned in other reviews, its expensive ..but, you get what you pay for! It's great for my activities jetboil stove, (with tea/coffee and snacks for when paddling into coves.) My photo gear ..perfect for that as the bag is waterproof, so no need to worry about my gear getting wet. Safety gear - tow line, survival bag ..i climb mountains too haha, and, when on sea, my VHF. I usually have it fully packed and ready to go, as the weather can be unpredictable, and i am impulsive, so can grab the bag at a moments notice and know most of the essentials are there. It's a shame it didnt come with a carry strap, as that would be very useful ... but they are an optional buy. Exterior .. two pouches for water bottles. I have the Red Paddle flask for keeping my drinks cold. But, usually, I am paddling for a good few hours the bungee straps are great for my extra water bladder! It's a great accessory for your board. It's aesthetically pleasing , it is a part of the board once it's attached, and keeps it tidy looking! ...

Simon F

I bought this to go with my new 12'6 voyager, was not disappointed, great quality and design. Well worth the money to keep your stuff dry and safe.

Alastair B

Having used loads of dry bags through the years I was wary of spending out on another that might leak, or be a fiddle to have on the boards/boat. I was delighted to find that it really is super quality, totally waterproof, with easy to use chunky waterproof zips and it doesn't get in the way of your paddle! It's not too heavy either and easy to take with you. Worth every penny and now used for every paddle even short trips just for water bottle, phone and car keys.

Becky D

I received my deck bag on Tuesday just in time for a break in Exmoor, took it out of the box and straight on to the board. I was surprised at how easy it was to fit and adjust, not fiddly at all, and so much lighter than I was expecting! Love that it's so accessible without having to take off bungees or cram things in so it isn't bulky or lumpy. This bag allows you to pack all the essentials on to the board without compromising performance or comfort, therefore you don't have to keep relaunching every time you go to fetch something you couldn't quite fit. Totally waterproof also, even when fully submerged, can pack expensive camera equipment without worry, and no more soggy sandwiches н Ѕнё‚. Thanks Red Originals, not sure what I did before without this bag!

Chris B

Wondered about the price before buying, but discovered that it is worth every penny. The bag looks great on the board - almost like it is meant to be there, rather than an add-on. Everything inside stays dry, loads of room and easy to access. No more rolling and clipping - just zip. I particularly love the side pockets - perfect size for my bluetooth speaker. Cool bag and highly recommended. It's a bonus that these guys ship internationally, too. I received my items within a few days in Bermuda. Thanks, Red Original.


This bag looks good even when covered with mud from the Assiniboine River in Manitoba! A 6 km trip down the Assiniboine was its maiden voyage and it worked great. Snacks, towels, and sunscreen inside the bag, phone in a waterproof bag clipped to its loops, and blue tooth speaker in one of the water bottle holders.

Jerome M

I just received the Deck Bag, with couple of additional items :), for fathers day (which is also my birthday). At first glance, just by looking and touching at the materials you can see that everything is made of premium quality components. The next day I went on a small trip to test all this new gears, so I traded my old cumbersome dry bag for my new elegant Deck bag. Everything is now at hand, no need to fight against the bungees that is crushing your stuff on the board or to unroll and roll the dry bag to access your gear (and fresh beer). The bag can be easily adjusted to all type of board (having D-rings). During my trip I also faced a lot of winds causing some pretty waves nearly submerging the bag completely. I was testing the waterproofness of the bag, and like advertised, everything was perfectly dry in the bag, the bag itself dried pretty fast. This is, by far, the best bag you can have on your board.

Fiona M

This is the best dry bag I've ever used. In the past I've had various makes of those roll top bags over my years of hanging around on dive boats and now SUPing. I don't think I ever managed to not end up with at least a dribble of water in the bottom of any of them. This bag is worth every penny, I love that it's rigid so that your stuff isn't squashed up inside it and being pinned down by the cargo bungees. Easy access to the water bottles and the top pocket for my phone for those "doing it for the 'gram moments" is the icing on the cake!

Charlie G

An absolute must for every paddle boarder - this bag is incredible! Completely water tight, made exactly to attached really easily to the front of your board using the cargo points and heaps of room for everything. I love it and have recommended it to everyone I know!

Spike R

This bag is a winner for both daytripping and longer distance touring on your paddleboard. It is a lot easier to dip into that a regular dry bag, and less windage that most of those. The side pouches are great for a water bottle or two and the bungee section on the top holds anything like a waterproof jacket or hat. It can be rigged in all four corners with an adjustable clip-in system, but you can also put the boards bungees over to hold it even more securely; luckily the plastic insert helps it retain it's shape if you do so. The zip is waterproof and the only tricky bit is fastening the zip fully around the corner but once you learn how to do that you're sorted. It's a great thing to have strapped to your deck.

Thanks for the great review Spike, we're delighted you love your bag! Happy Paddling!

Giannis L

Even a biiiiit expensive in my opinion, when you use it, you say "price does not matter". It's so lightweight, so sophisticated in terms of the volume and really a great accessory. I love the front mesh, and with a waterproof BT speaker, you also have sound ;) All in all, you can carry the essentials and a bit more, so you really can go further.


This bag is just brilliant it's light weight, tough, waterproof and spacious!!! I never go out On the water without it! Thanks a lot Red for another amazing product!!!!

Becky W

As a day job I spend a lot of time driving a RIB. This bag has been thrown about at 30 knots hours on end, but today I zust actually it fits perfectly in this spot.... I have two clips which is hangs off. It is great as the two drinks bottle holders are easy to get to. The compartment on the top makes things easy for a notebook and pen. But whatever I throw at it -at 30 knots- the bag just shrugs it off like water off a ducks back. No more roll top, can't stow dry bags for me! This weekend I hope to get some time on my paddle board then I will give it a go for what is is designed for. Eventually I will have a day off and take myself on an expedition!!

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