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Just like our Red Paddle Co boards, pumps and paddles, our Red Original range is packed full of innovative, patent pending technology and protected designs.

Innovation is at our core and we're always on the hunt for the very best materials and components to push the boundaries. Using our own experiences as well as properly considering the end users of our products, our team of designers create user-based functionality that works. So whether it is a cleverly placed stretch vent panel on a change jacket to make it easier to get your wetsuit off, or a pull handle to easily cover your wet board with our protecting Board Jacket – you will find our range intuitive and a pleasure to use.

Luggage Tensioning System (LTS)

In a hunt to find an easy, neat and un-obtrusive way to securely fix our deck bag and coolbags to our boards, our designers created LTS. A unique, but effectively simple tensioning system it makes it a breeze to attach to your deck – check it out on the Waterproof Deck Bag or Watertight Coolbag pages. Patent Pending.

YKK zips

YKK make the best zips you can buy, and that is all we use in our Red Original range, from the concealed zipped pockets in our apparel to the Chunky 2 way zip of our Pro Change Jacket, and Board Jacket.

It is our waterproof bag range where the YKK zips really come in to their own – the Aquaseal zip is the best waterproof zip in the world. Manufactured in the UK, it won’t corrode or fail and is tested to 0.3 millibar. As they create a totally watertight seal, it means we can do-away with fiddly roll-top styles.

Dri release fabrics

We’ve chosen to work with dri-release fabric due to it’s high performing properties which won’t wash or wear out. Dri-release is high quality technical fabric with hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres that draws moisture away from skin and dries up to 4 times faster than cotton, keep you cool and comfortable whilst you paddle, protects you from the sun, and dries in no time if you get wet.

Armour tech fabric

Tough but tactile premium high density waterproof fabric provides the optimum in durability. It’s incredibly hardwearing but looks super slick too. You’ll find it on our dry pouch, Waterproof deck bag and Coolbags. Take one of these to the beach and prepare to get lots of admiring glances.