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Paddle Board Gear

Whether you are a newcomer to the sport of SUP, or you’ve been paddling for a while and are looking to expand your experience, it can be tricky to know what kit you actually need. This is our guide to different types of Paddleboarding Gear – what are the must-have’s, as well as some additional options to make your experience even more epic, depending on what you are up to.

The Bare Minimum

Paddle Board Gear Board Lock

If you have a board, a pump (if it is an inflatable SUP), a paddle and a leash, you can get on the water. Don’t forget the leash – an essential piece of safety kit that will keep you attached to your board if you fall off. See for our range.

Essentials – To keep you and your family safe and comfortable

Paddle Board Gear Dry Pouch

· Something to drink – If you are paddling, you are exercising, and you can get dehydrated quickly if you are on the water- so always take a drink with you. Our Insulated Drinks bottle will not only keep your water super cold all day, but using a carabiner, you can securely attach it to your board. It also has a sports cap so you can drink with one hand whilst you keep hold of your paddle in the other.

· Somewhere to put your valuables – what to do with your car keys and phone? If you don’t want to be fretting about your essentials getting in the way whilst you paddle, getting wet or even sinking if you drop them, our Dry Pouch is the ultimate valuables dry bag. It easily attaches directly to your board or other bags.

· Staying Safe on the water – Buoyancy aids can be hot and bulky to paddle in. An unobtrusive alternative is our Air-belt Personal Flotation Device which neatly stores away around your waist in a sleek belt design – you won’t notice it is there until you need it. 

For Days Out

Paddle Board Gear deck bag

In addition to the essentials, these pieces of kit will help deliver the ultimate day out with friends and family

· Deck bag – If you want to take a towel, dry t-shirt or an extra layer with you, a waterproof dry back that securely attaches to your deck and is easy to access, even on the water, is the perfect solution. No fiddly roll tops made from flimsy fabric for us – our robust and durable Deck bag can be zipped open on the water so you can grab your hat, suncream or drink as you go.

· Board lock – if you leave your board inflated on your roof rack, secure it so you can park up and pop in to the shops. Or if you’re planning a stop at the pub on your paddling adventure, take our long but lightweight Lock with you – perfect for securing multiple boards.

· Towel – Everyone needs a beach towel with them, but they take up so much space! You can take our Quick Dry Microfibre Towel with you – still big enough to sunbathe on, but packs down small and dries fast.

· Coolbag – The best days out always feature delicious food and an ice-cold drink at the end of the day. Our game-changing coolbag is 100% waterproof and attaches securely to your deck so you can take it with you. A seriously cool piece of kit.

· Change Robe – Avoid awkward car park moments as you try to protect your or your children’s modesty as they get changed. Our Luxury change robe is thick, warm and fluffy and makes changing out and about a breeze.

· Paddle Cap – Keeping the sun off your head is great idea on hot days, particularly if you are paddling hard. If you don’t want to risk losing your favourite sunglasses, a cap will also keep the sun out of your eyes. Our Paddle Cap is designed with days on the water in mind.

For Epic Adventures

Paddle Board Gear Adventure items

Don’t leave home without our must-have equipment for longer adventures.

· Deck Bag – Our 100% waterproof deck bag is a robust solution to keeping your kit dry and secure. With drinks bottles holders, wave webbing and external storage pockets, you can fully load up for your trip. Fits most international airlines hand baggage allowances so you can use it as your carry on luggage.

· Coolbag – supplies will last for days in our waterproof Coolbags. The robust armour tech fabric is designed for heavy use and the easy LTS system makes attaching to your deck quick and easy.

· Quick Dry Microfibre Towel – when space is at a premium, each piece of kit needs to count. Our lightweight towel packs small, but also packs a punch in performance – it feels great and will dry you super fast. The Anti-bacterial properties will help keep your towel fresh even after several days of use.

· Board Lock – If you need to leave your board unattended, avoid an opportunist passer by walking off with your kit – secure it with our Marine Grade Board Lock.