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Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
Red Original cool bag being attached to a board
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
Red Original cool bag small
Red Original cool bag large
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
man carrying the large Red Original cool bag on his shoulder
Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag
man paddling with the small Red Original cool bag attached to the back of his SUP
Couple carrying the large Red Original cool bag

Waterproof Insulated Picnic Bag

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Keep Your Food & Drink The Ideal Temperature For Upto 72 Hours

The Red Original insulated picnic cooler is the perfect solution to one of the biggest problems we face when we’re planning any sort of adventure. No matter where you’re taking it - to the park, out on your SUP, on a short hike, a long camping trip, or any other expedition - this ultra-durable insulated picnic bag is the one that will deliver results every time.

Available in 2 sizes, the 18-litre cooler bag can comfortably carry 28 cans while the 30-litre option is able to store up to 54 cans.

Designed With Outdoor Adventurers & Watersport Enthusiasts In Mind

Nothing can bring the mood down on a trip quicker than realising all the ice has melted, the drinks have gone warm, and the food has gone bad. We searched high and low for an insulated picnic bag that would solve this problem and when we didn’t find one that met our standards, we designed our own.

Available in 2 sizes, the Red Original insulated picnic bag comes with thermal lock insulation to keep the contents cooler for longer. With a YKK Aquaseal Zip and our famously tough Armour Tech fabric, you can be sure that this picnic cooler will prevent any leaks from melting ice on the inside as well as keep any external water on the outside. This means that whether you’re carrying it up a mountain, leaving it in the boot of the car, or keeping it out above deck, you’ll never have to worry about anything inside accidentally getting out or outside accidentally getting in.

Designed to be used on both land and sea, you can take this picnic bag on any adventure you choose. The lightweight and sturdy design of our picnic cooler make it easy and comfortable to carry, whilst its luggage tensioning system allows it to be quickly and firmly secured to the deck of paddle boards and various other watercraft. What’s more, our waterproof insulated picnic bag has also been made to work with various other Red Original products. For instance, there is an area on the side where our protective waterproof pouch can be securely attached, allowing you to keep all your possessions safe and neatly together.

Available in two sizes:

Medium - 18 Litre - carries 28 cans. L:380mm W:300mm H: 370mm

Large - 30 Litre - carries 54 cans.  L:560mm W:300mm H:370mm

Click here to download the Cool Bag User Guide

Filling up the Red Original cool bag
Carrying the Red Original cool bag to the car
Attaching the Red Original cool bag to a SUP
Paddling with the Red Original cool bag attached to the back of the board
having a BBQ with the Red Original cool bag filled with drinks

Tech Specs

  1. YKK Aquaseal Zip: Individually tested, totally waterproof. This zip wont corrode or fail.
  2. Thermal-Lock Insulation: Closed cell non-absorbent insulation keeps contents properly hot or cold for longer than you thought possible
  3. Premium high density waterproof fabric: Provides ultimate durability with reinforced base
  4. Luggage Tensioning System: Attach the bag directly to the deck of your board without fear of it moving around or falling off
  5. Adjustable Shoulder strap: Takes the hassle out of carrying and connects to the side d-rings
  6. Expandable exterior pockets: Store a paddle cap, sun cream or other essentials
  7. Wave webbing daisy chain: Perfect for attaching almost any additional kit using carabiner or bungee including the the Red Original Dry Pouch
  8. Reinforced carry handles: Designed so you can carry heavy loads with ease 

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