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Red Original cool bag small
Red Original cool bag large
Small Red Original cool bag filled with ice and drinks
Red Original cool bag being attached to a board
Watertight Cool Bag
Couple carrying the large Red Original cool bag
man carrying the large Red Original cool bag on his shoulder
Watertight Cool Bag
man paddling with the small Red Original cool bag attached to the back of his SUP
Red Original cool bag at a bbq with ice and drinks inside
carrying the Red Original small cool bag to the car
Watertight Cool Bag
Watertight Cool Bag

Watertight Cool Bag

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Keep Water Out And Ice-Cold Temperatures In

Our high performance coolbag is a real game changer, keeping your contents colder for longer than you thought possible.

Whether you are using it for an ultimate SUP expedition, picnic, day at the beach, festival, camping trip, road trip or any other adventure, our ultra-durable coolbag will deliver time and time again.

We ship globally

Designed With Adventures On Or Around The Water In Mind

Adventures can be lost or made with a cold beer so why leave it to chance? We found that when heading out for a mini adventure, every cool bag on the market didn't meet our standards to create the ultimate experience, so we made our own. 

With thermal lock insulation delivering remarkable insulating capabilities we found that we can keep our drinks colder for much, much longer. We wanted to not only be able to keep water out incase we had food in there but keep water in to stop ice leaking over car boots. With YKK's AquaSeal zipper and Armour Tech waterproof fabric the bag more than delivers in being completely water-tight. 

We also found it difficult to secure other bags to our boards so developed our luggage tensioning system which securely attaches the bag to the deck of boards and stops them from moving around. Now due to it's lightweight but super tough construction, we can take up to 54 ice cold cans with us, where ever the adventure maybe!

Available in two sizes:

Medium - 18 Litre - carries 28 cans. L:380mm W:300mm H: 370mm

Large - 30 Litre - carries 54 cans.  L:560mm W:300mm H:370mm

Not currently available for shipping to the USA.

Click here to download the Cool Bag User Guide

Filling up the Red Original cool bag
Carrying the Red Original cool bag to the car
Attaching the Red Original cool bag to a SUP
Paddling with the Red Original cool bag attached to the back of the board
having a BBQ with the Red Original cool bag filled with drinks

Tech Specs

  1. YKK Aquaseal Zip: Totally waterproof zip which wont corrode or fail
  2. Luggage Tensioning System: Attach the bag directly to the deck of your board without fear of it moving around or falling off
  3. Thermal-Lock Insulation: Closed cell non-absorbent insulation keeps contents properly hot or cold for longer than you thought possible
  4. Premium high density waterproof fabric: Provides ultimate durability and traction on your deck through reinforced base. 
  5. Adjustable Shoulder strap: Takes the hassle out of carrying and connects to the side d-rings
  6. Expandable exterior pockets: Store a paddle cap, sun cream or other paddling essentials
  7. Wave webbing daisy chain: Perfect for attaching almost any additional kit using carabiner or bungee including the the Red Original Dry Pouch
  8. Reinforced carry handles: Designed so you can carry heavy loads with ease or with a friend/partner. 

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