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Airbelt Kayak Buoyancy Aid
Red Original Airbelt PFD Inflated and being worn
Red Original Airbelt PFD in the sand
Accessing the stash pouch on the Red Original Airbelt PFD
Airbelt Kayak Buoyancy Aid
woman launching her sup wearing a Red Original Airbelt PFD
grey Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
blue Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on white background
purple Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
women wearing the purple Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Airbelt Kayak Buoyancy Aid
paddle boarders using Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Woman attaching the Red Original Airbelt PFD
girl paddle boarding using blue Airbelt Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Couple on the water wearing Red Original Airbelt PFDs

Airbelt Kayak Buoyancy Aid

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A Must-Have Kayak Essential

Perfect for kayakers who find traditional personal flotation devices get in their way while paddling, the Red Original Kayak Buoyancy Aid is designed to be worn inconspicuously around the waist. Though compact, the PFD Airbelt is quick and easy to deploy should the need arises. All the wearer has to do is pull out the inflatable bladder, place it over their head, and inflate it by pulling the inflation cord. Once safe, the wearer can re-arm the buoyancy aid simply by replacing the 16g CO2 cylinder.  

Available in grey, purple, and blue, the Airbelt Kayak Buoyancy Aid is an ISO certified piece of safety gear and is recommended wearing for amateur and experienced kayakers alike.  

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Stay Safe On Lakes, Rivers & At Sea

The Red Original Personal Flotation Device is ideal for your next touring adventure. Whether the sea is choppy or the river is calm, this kayak PFD was specially designed not to get in its wearer's way whilst paddling but is ready to go at the drop of a hat should they ever need it.

Quick and easy to deploy, the Red Original Kayak PFD is ISO certified and should be considered an essential safety device for kayakers of any and all levels of ability. Its compact design is significantly less bulky than a traditional buoyancy aid, which allows wearers to retain maximum freedom and comfort whilst paddling. What's more, there is a large water-resistant storage compartment at the front, which is perfect for storing essential items that need to be easily accessible. There are also D-ring clip points that serve as attaching sites for other items, expanding the use of this Airbelt.

Deploying the Airbelt Kayak PFD is remarkably straightforward; simply pull the inflatable bladder out of the pocket and place it over your head, then inflate by pulling the inflation cord, no adjustments required. Once deployed, this kayak PFD can be re-armed by replacing the gas cylinder with another 16g CO2 cylinder, allowing it to be used multiple times. Perfect for a casual kayak down a river. 

Suitable for people 40-130kgs

Not currently available for shipping to the USA or Canada

Airbelt PFD donning instructions

Airbelt PFD User Guide

Red Original Airbelt PFD being taken out of a deck bag
Woman attaching a Red Original Airbelt PFD
Couple paddle boarding wearing Red Original Airbelt PFDs
Relaxing infront of a sunset after a safe paddle wearing Red Original Airbelt PFD

Tech Specs

  1. Premium waterproof fabric: soft and comfortable to wear
  2. Large water-resistant storage pocket: keeps essential valuables safe and dry
  3. Reflective visibility strip: great for low light conditions
  4. Easy to use grab handle: no thinking required to inflate
  5. D-ring attachments: perfect for attaching other items that need to be close by
  6. Replaceable gas canister: so it can be used again
  7. Manual inflation valve: can be used if more air needs to be pumped in, or some needs to be taken out
  8. 5-year guarantee: on all parts!

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