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Our staff feel very passionately about our responsibility to the environment - we live in a beautiful world and as lovers of the great outdoors we want to protect it. We've all seen first hand the impact of plastics in the ocean and our waterways.

That is why from the outset we have considered how we conduct our activities in a more sustainable manner. Where compromises don’t have to be made in performance, we will try and take an ethical approach to the Red Original range, reflecting our responsibility as a company to protect the world we are encouraging our consumers to explore. 

We know we are only at the start of the process, but we want to continually improve our efforts to decrease our environmental impact. By talking about it we think it encourages ourselves as well as others to do more. 

Here are some of the things we have focused on to improve the sustainability of our range: 

  • Quality – building things to last in the first place. No more throwing away cheap coolbags that only last a few uses for us. Our drinks bottle is made from marine grade stainless steel, which is less likely to corrode than other drinks bottles – extending the life of it even if you subject it to salt water regularly. 
  • Packagingwe have tried to avoid the use of single use throw away plastic, and have used less packaging in general. The majority of packaging where we have used it is made from recyclable reclaimed paper or cardboard, and where possible FSC approved recycled card. Our carboard packaging does not use any adhesives, so no toxins are added through glue. We also try to use minimal ink for printing and are looking to move toward soya-based inks. 
  • Materials –  We try and use more responsible materials, and avoid using the worst toxic materials, so for example we choose TPU over PVC. We don’t use unnecessary components and we use ultrasonic welding instead of glue on products such as our deck bag and coolbags which gives a better bond as well as being less toxic. 
  • Influencing end use- 80% of the Co2 from clothes comes in the use phase – for all our garments we suggest washing at 30 degrees. Many items like the quick dry microfibre towel have anti-bacterial properties, which means odour is controlled and you can wash less frequently.  

In addition, Red are keen to encourage and support socially responsible activities and campaigners.  

We’re supporting Given Time, a 7 year marine ecology research project, check it out at