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The beauty of paddleboarding is anyone can do it, you don’t have to be a watersports pro to get out there and EXPLORE YOUR WORLD.

But aside from your board, what do you need? What should you wear? What kit is essential and what are great additions to your stash of equipment as you start to explore further?

As experts in the world of SUP, and with considerable watersports experience from the beginner to Pro level, we’ve pulled together a number of guides for you to help you navigate some of the products out there as well as the Red Original range.

We only focus on kit we think you actually really need, but in these pages you can find out more about what each of the red original products does and when you might need them so you can work out if they are for you.

Once you have invested in a Red Original product, we have also compiled our care information online so you can keep your kit in peak performance for years to come.

 Happy Paddling!