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Watersport Safety 

Whether you’re paddle boarding on a lake or wild swimming at sea, safety should always be your first consideration. This is why we’ve designed the Red Original watersport safety collection, a range of products made with the sole purpose of keeping users and their possessions safe while out on the water. 

The Red Original Personal Flotation Device is our primary watersport safety accessory and the bare minimum that anyone stepping a foot off land should have. Knowing how much us outdoor types love our pets, we’ve also introduced a dog buoyancy aid with a number of innovative and convenient safety features to ensure animals are as safe as can be while swimming.  We also offer protective waterproof pouches that are perfect for safely storing first aid supplies and mobile phones, allowing users to take them out on the water with them in case anything should go wrong.

Red Original Waterproof Pouch attached to cool bag

Waterproof Pouch


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