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Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy
Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy
Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy
Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy
Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy
Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy

Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy

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Change Comfortably And Confidently Outdoors

Keep your kids warm and dry with the Red Original luxury Kids Poncho Towel. This hooded changing robe is designed to keep children covered and comfortable, making it the perfect piece of kit for any kid who loves spending time outdoors.

XS: Recommended for heights between 3'0"- 4’0” (90cm - 122cm)

Small: Recommended for heights between 4'0"- 5’1” (122cm - 155cm)

Change Out Of Your Wet Kit In Style With Our Luxury Kids Poncho Towel

Any seasoned beachgoer or watersport enthusiast will know just how awkward it is to get changed in and out of swimwear or wetsuits while at the beach, by the car, or at a pool. Kids are likely to feel this awkwardness even more acutely than adults do, which is where the Red Original kids poncho towel comes in. 

Normal towels, and even the slightly-better hooded towels, leave plenty of room for potential embarrassment and do little to help keep you warm and dry as well as covered while getting changed. These hooded poncho towel robes, on the other hand, are designed to do all three at the same time, effectively allowing children to change while remaining almost entirely covered. Even the sleeves have been designed to make sure wearers remain covered and warm whilst their arms are inside taking off and putting on clothes. 

Made using super-soft cotton, our kid's poncho towels take no time at all to dry their wearers and the hood is especially helpful for drying hair and preventing wind-chill. In addition to being popular for outdoor use, Red Original poncho towels have also become surprisingly popular for use indoors. Not only are they being worn when walking between changing rooms and indoor pools, but they've also become a bit of staple at bath time too. 

Small / Kids 4”- 5’1” (122cm - 155cm). Product Weight: 766g.

Dimensions: Width 65cm. Length at front 80cm. Length at Back 90cm

Also available in adult sizes for Men and Women. Also available in Grey

Child digging sand wearing Red Original Luxury Kid's Poncho Towel - Navy

Tech Specs

  1. Heavy weight 430 gsm 100% cotton: Absorbent luxurious cotton towelling dries you quickly
  2. Avoid exposure with sleeves and generous sizing: Large enough to easily get your arms inside without over exposing yourself whilst getting changed. 
  3. Large pockets: Keep your hands warm and out of wind
  4. Draw cord hood: Shield yourself from the elements when the wind starts blowing
  5. Size: Width 65cm. Length at front 80cm. Length at Back 90cm

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