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Microfibre Towels, Waterproof Changing Robes, & Towelling Change Robes

Designed with outdoor adventurers and watersport enthusiasts in mind, the Red Original Outdoor Changing range takes a potentially awkward situation and makes it easy, quick, and comfortable. The Red Original Microfibre Towel and Change Robes are premium, definitive versions of watersports essentials, with re-imagined design features to make getting dry and warm a breeze.

As you’d expect for Red Original outdoor changing products, the towels and change robes all use the highest quality fabrics. The antibacterial Microfibre Towels are made from soft, ultra-absorbent microfibre fabric that can absorb 4 times its weight in water, whilst the luxury change robes use thick, warm 430gsm cotton to give a luxurious feel and help dry you quickly. All of our outdoor changing products are essential additions to your kit bag for any trip to the water. Once you’ve tried them you’ll never look back.

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