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Waterproof Cooler Bag
Waterproof Cooler Bag
Waterproof Cooler Bag
Red Original cool bag being attached to a board
Waterproof Cooler Bag
Red Original cool bag small
Red Original cool bag large
Waterproof Cooler Bag
man carrying the large Red Original cool bag on his shoulder
Waterproof Cooler Bag
man paddling with the small Red Original cool bag attached to the back of his SUP
Couple carrying the large Red Original cool bag

Waterproof Cooler Bag

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Keep Water Out And Ice-Cold Temperatures In

Our high performance coolbag is a real game changer, keeping your contents colder for longer than you thought possible.

Whether you are using it for an ultimate SUP expedition, picnic, day at the beach, festival, camping trip, road trip or any other adventure, our ultra-durable coolbag will deliver time and time again.

We ship globally

Designed With Adventures On Or Around The Water In Mind

Adventures can be lost or made with a cold beer so why leave it to chance? When heading out for an adventure, we found that every cool bag on the market didn't meet our standards to create the ultimate experience, so we designed our own. 

With thermal lock insulation delivering remarkable insulating capabilities we found that we can keep our drinks colder for much, much longer. We wanted to not only be able to keep water out, but also keep ice in with zero leaks. With what we think is the world's best zipper and our seriously tough Armour Tech fabric, the bag more than delivers in being completely water and air-tight. 

Attaching to our boards is also a breeze with our luggage tensioning system which securely attaches the bag to your deck and stops them from moving around. Now due to it's lightweight but super robust construction, we can take up to 54 ice cold cans with us, where ever the adventure maybe.

A seriously quality piece of kit.

Available in two sizes:

Medium - 18 Litre - carries 28 cans. L:380mm W:300mm H: 370mm

Large - 30 Litre - carries 54 cans.  L:560mm W:300mm H:370mm

Click here to download the Cool Bag User Guide

Filling up the Red Original cool bag
Carrying the Red Original cool bag to the car
Attaching the Red Original cool bag to a SUP
Paddling with the Red Original cool bag attached to the back of the board
having a BBQ with the Red Original cool bag filled with drinks

Tech Specs

  1. YKK Aquaseal Zip: Individually tested, totally waterproof. This zip wont corrode or fail.
  2. Thermal-Lock Insulation: Closed cell non-absorbent insulation keeps contents properly hot or cold for longer than you thought possible
  3. Premium high density waterproof fabric: Provides ultimate durability with reinforced base
  4. Luggage Tensioning System: Attach the bag directly to the deck of your board without fear of it moving around or falling off
  5. Adjustable Shoulder strap: Takes the hassle out of carrying and connects to the side d-rings
  6. Expandable exterior pockets: Store a paddle cap, sun cream or other essentials
  7. Wave webbing daisy chain: Perfect for attaching almost any additional kit using carabiner or bungee including the the Red Original Dry Pouch
  8. Reinforced carry handles: Designed so you can carry heavy loads with ease 

4.94 Average

16 Reviews

John M

Looks great and worked perfectly to hold and keep cool, all the food and drink for a whole day for me and my family.

Brad S

This cool bag works brilliantly and like everything else it is built to last. It’s roomy and just feels truly premium!

Pascal W

A superbly built cooler bag. We initially bought the 18l version but it was too small for a family of 5 so swapped it out for the 30l version which was perfect. It is perfectly waterproof and kept things like the butter chilled from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon although we did end up buying another bag of ice to throw in on Saturday. My only recommendation for improvement is the zip can be quite stiff even with the oil added on. Otherwise, a happy customer.



After much debate we decided to go with the larger of the 2 available cool bags. We feel that this size is much better suited to an all day picnic for family/friends or weekend away. Plenty of space for many items despite the very thick insulation inside the bag!! We may consider ordering the smaller version for using more for just the 2 of us on a day out on our boards.

Christopher W

Not yet used on a SUP trip because I'm still trying save and figure out which Red board I want. I have taken it camping and it was amazing. It kept my food cool for 2 days even though I only used one Ice block. I will use more ice blocks in the future though. I originally bought the 30l but it was too big. The 18l is the perfect size for 1-2 people. It looks great too! The only downside is its not actually 300mm tall, When I measured it it was approximately 260mm. just wanted to make people aware its a bit smaller than you expect Despite this it still holds plenty of cider. I would Definitely recommend this product!


A short while ago I purchased a 30 L red original cool box but I hadn't put it to the test until this last Bank Holiday weekend where I had attended a 4 day event. First impressions by both myself and everyone else who saw it were that it is a super cool looking bit of kit, (do people still use the word cool these days ?) I love the design and the features are superb and it is certainly robust. I loaded it up at with cans of drink at 09:00 on the Friday and topped it with ice blocks. When I returned home on the Monday evening and unpacked the remaining couple of cans I was absolutely astonished to see that the cans were still COLD! That says it all. If you are looking for a well manufactured, great looking cool bag / box that certainly out performs any others that I have used, then from personal experience I would say that this is the one for you without doubt. 100% recommended.

Thanks for the Great review Byron, glad you like the bag - its a must have for keeping your cans cool!

Helen S

Took this on a camping trip in the summer and it kept the beers cold from Fri evening through the whole weekend. So impressed - anything else I've used hasn't lasted a day in a warm tent. Having this solution has even persuaded my husband that camping might not be all bad after all!


I use this so much now, even for things like bringing frozen food back from the shops so I don't have to rush home, or transporting food on long journeys. I've also used as an ice bucket for parties as it doesn't leak - totally worth the investment and SO much nicer than a horrid hard & heavy plastic cool box which are a pain to carry & I never used anyway. I don't strictly need the waterproof element as I don't take the bag on the water, but I like how robust the zip is & I think the fact that it is airtight makes it even more insulating - it is really amazing how long stuff stays cold or frozen for. Still looks goods as new despite days on the beach and being chucked in a muddy boot with dog etc. I have the larger size which I think is perfect for families - love it!

Charlie G

This cool bag is just something else! I wasn't sure of the hype stated on the website but everything is true. Completely waterproof and keeps actual ice cold for at least a day, Plus, it attaches really easily to the front of your board. We took it to a festival and had very envious friends with our cold beers and wine days later!

David R

Tried out the new medium cool bag during Scotland's one day off summer and it kept our drinks chilled from early morning to evening. The fixing straps held the bag tight on the front of the board and despite choppy conditions it didn't move or impact paddling. The external pockets are great for holding a bottle and cap and the the zips and clips feel like they will be pretty robust.

Bob F

This is a high quality product that works really well and keeps things cold much longer than you expect. We had a freezer break down and stored contents overnight and it was still frozen the following day. Lots of cheaper products out there but they just don't work. I like the fact that it is light, well designed and easy to carry heavy loads in. I recommend this Red cool bag without hesitation

Thanks for the review Bob, glad you like the cool bag.

John D

I went on a bit of a buying spree and while I had only planned to buy a couple of items there was something intriguing about these cool bags and on a bit of a whim I bought one. I've lost count of the number of cheap cool bags we've bought over the years. Most don't really work and for some reason my wife buys them then makes me carry them to various picnics, days out, etc and they always seem to have some flowery design!! Not now. Look I won't say I wasn't a little sceptical about this product - I checked the returns info just to make sure I could return it if it turned out bad. I shouldn't have worried. This bag is brilliant. Kept our food and beers cold all day and I was seriously impressed when I emptied it the next day to find my freezer blocks still frozen. That's pretty nuts. I'm going to be proud to carry this now. Thanks for saving me from a lifetime of flowery cool bags!

Vicky P

This delivers on the quality you would expect from a red paddle product and is well worth the money. I love that it attaches to my board so easily, and will make future trips in the sun so much more fun with a few cold beers on board!

Dan D

As a previous Igloo and Yeti owner, I was skeptical anything could rival these. As soon as I took this out on its first day trip, I was flooded with questions of where, when, and how can I buy one from admiring passers by. Ok it looks great, but that often worries me. I wanted functionality 1st, head turning 2nd. this has both. Its obvious the attention to detail in design is spot on. The materials are of the highest quality, and its light. Not too light to make you wonder what you have invested in, but not a dead weight like the igloo. And I am certain this is indeed an investment. Spending hundreds of pounds every few years on new boxes, to relegate them to the loft needed to stop. I need one dependable box. Now I have one

Keith R

Overall impression on inspecting the bag is quality but that is expected of a product and on further inspection nothing fails to impress. The capacity is spot on for me as I usually fly solo or with my partner and I am sure we will be able to get all we require in the bag. I purchased 2 sets of Thermos slim freeze blocks and found they fit perfectly, the 2 large ones with 2 small at either end and if you really wanted another on the bottom and top. With the freeze blocks in a couple of cans were still fridge cold after 24 hours so the insulation is more than adequate . Now comes the board fitting: The cool bag fits perfectly on the back of my 13'-2' Voyager and easily attached after a slight adjustment to the length of the fixing system and several comments of 'it looks like it was made to go there' were heard. I loaded the bag with 6 x 1 ltr bottles of water and didn't notice it was on the board as in it didn't affect stability in anyway and the board still sat pretty level so no need to stand any further forward than usual. The only test left was to see how it stood up to being submerged so we just turned the board upside down and held it for about 90 seconds. On inspection the bag was still firmly attached and on unzipping it had not leaked a drop. I think you can see that I was impressed and it definitely got some interest at Bray lake.

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