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5 Sea Kayak Safety Tips For Beginners & Professionals

20 August 2019

Sea kayaking is a fun and popular watersport but like any activity that takes place on the water, there are dangers. Follow these 5 precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of those you're with. Read more

6 Uses For The Red Original Waterproof Pouch

13 August 2019

Designed to protect its owner's valuables and keep them close by while out on the water, the Red Original Waterproof Pouch is a must-have for any watersport enthusiast. Read more

When Must a Personal Flotation Device Be Replaced?

05 August 2019

A well-looked after personal flotation device can be used for years on end and will help to keep you safe throughout. Eventually, however, all PFDs need to be replaced and here's how you know when.

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The Difference Between A Lifejacket & A Personal Flotation Device?

28 July 2019

Though often spoken about as though they are the same thing, PFDs and lifejackets are actually two different things. Learn the difference to ensure you choose whichever one is best suited to your needs. Read more

How To Stay Cool Outside In The Heat - 12 Tried & Tested Tips

24 July 2019

Make the most of the Summer sun but stay cool and comfortable too with these 12 tried and tested tips. Read more

6 Alternative Uses for the Red Original Waterproof Cooler Bag

22 July 2019

6 innovative yet practical ways you can put the Red Original waterproof cooler bag to work when you're not out paddling. Read more