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The Paddleboard Deck Bag & Waterproof Pouch...

Posted by Catherine Morris on

...that aren’t just for SUPs

When we set out to develop the Red Original range our aim was to create a premium selection of accessories that could be used across a range of sports. Whilst Red Original’s roots are very much in stand up paddle boarding, the idea behind the kit is that it has practical uses beyond purely just SUP. Two great examples of this concept are the both of which have already proven themselves as essential items for any SUP adventure whilst also proving to be useful in lots of other situations.

The Deck Bag

Red Original Deck Bag on Red Paddle board

With its robust construction, which uses high-density waterproof TPU fabric, the Red Original Deck Bag is the ideal place to keep your kit safe and dry when out on the water. Whilst it is primarily designed for use on paddle boards, as it can be secured to the deck, it is equally useful on all sorts of other craft, from canoes to RHIBs to yachts. Unlike many so-called dry bags on the market, the Red Original Deck Bag is 100% waterproof and has easy zip access rather than the fiddly roll top used by many manufacturers. Thanks to the Armour Tech fabric, it is also highly durable and will keep your valuables safe. There is ample room inside the bag for all your kit such as a spare change of clothes, towel, food, shoes and other bulky items, as well as pockets and wave webbing on the outside for other items that you don’t mind getting wet – such as sunglasses, water bottle or a waterproof camera.

The Waterproof Pouch

Man holding red original dry pouch on boatA compact waterproof pouch that will keep your valuables safe and dry, the Red Original Waterproof Pouch is essential when you’re heading out on the water. Whether you’re out on your SUP, dinghy, kiteboard, windsurfer, kayak or any other craft, it can be easily secured to anything (including yourself) either by using the external strap or by using a bungee. The Waterproof Pouch is ideal for all those small yet valuable items such as your car keys, wallet/purse and phone and can also be used as a waterproof document holder. Whatever you use it for, the contents will not only be kept dry but also protected thanks to the foam padded pocket. Like the deck bag, the pouch is 100% waterproof and also airtight, meaning it floats – potentially vital in the event of it accidentally going for a swim…


The Technology

The key to making the deck bag and waterproof pouch so effective lies in the technology used in their construction. The meticulous attention to detail of our design team ensures that each bit of kit uses the very best materials and components:

Waterproof Zips 

Luggage tensioning system on deck bag
When choosing which zips to use for the Deck Bag and Waterproof Pouch there was really only one choice. The YKK Aquaseal zip. YKK are world leaders in waterproof zips and this is the best zero-leak totally waterproof zip available. Made in a special production facility in the UK, each zip is individually tested to 0.3 millibar and guaranteed to 0.05 millibar.

Welded Seams

Using these seams ensures that there is no stitching that could potentially split and break the watertight fabric.

Armour Tech Fabric

An incredibly tough yet tactile fabric. Premium high-density waterproof fabric which is stronger, more abrasion resistant and environmentally friendly than PVC.

Luggage Tensioning System (LTS)

Our patent protected attachment system is easy to use and stows away neatly on the deck bag. Designed to be used on the deck of a board, it is equally at home on a boat, a kayak or in any other situation where luggage needs to be kept dry and secure. The four clips enable the bag to attach to d-rings or cargo points, and then be securely tightened. The system also features rotary spring hooks and 4mm para cord for added strength and security.

Find Out More

For more information on both of these bits of kits, visit the Deck Bag and Waterproof Pouch pages.  

Dry pouch being used on speed boat

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