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News — Pro Change Jacket

10 Uses For The Red Original Waterproof Pro Change Robe

03 October 2019

One Pro Change Robe, 10 different uses. Our hobbies demand a lot from our gear and getting changed is no exception. In this article, we look at the many uses for the Red Original Waterproof Pro Change Robe. Read more

Choosing your Paddle Boarding Clothing

27 May 2019

There's a lot to chose from when it comes to kit, thermals, base layers and paddle jackets. So in this blog we're going to give you the low-down of the different options to stay warm and comfortable whilst paddle boarding. Read more

Avoid the Afterdrop the Art of Warming up

18 January 2019

Have you heard of the after drop whilst warming up? Take a look at our easy guide as we share with you the art of warming up. Read more

Get Outdoors this Christmas

26 December 2018

If you're looking for a way to get outdoors with the family over the Christmas break. We've created a few tips for creating your own Christmas adventure! Read more

A Week Of Adventure - Swimming

25 November 2018

Our last activity to celebrate a Week of Adventure. Ross layers up to take the plunge as he goes for a local swim! The question is how long did he spend in the Pro Change Robe to warm up? Read more

A Week Of Adventure - Running

24 November 2018

What better way to kick start a weekend than by going for a run in a local National Park! So we layered up and took our favourite Red Original accessories our for a test! Read more